by Francois Svalis

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gracefully through
whites and blacks
continuously search
happiness and oneness

very silently move
highs and lows
very smoothly touch
they can wave beach

the forces behind flowers
stronger than weapons
louder than volcanoes
they can absorb souls

the curling melodies
pondering rhythm
hollow spaces
adoring hymn

heart rending
sounds softly
like a mother
cares tenderly

sensuous loving
touches gently
like a bride
whispers suavely

pristine moving
drops majestically
like a rain
hugs warmly

reflection in air
imitation so fair
feeling homely
longing sincerely

peacef ul
great care

normally gentle
walk on water
walk on grass
a sacred pet

neutral tone
vividly alone
decorates hearts
passionately outbursts

romantically ethereal
dramatic moments
the lightning speed
chordal passages

amorous fantasy
solidly enthusiastic
various adventures
the wordless chorus

uniquely blend
lyrical intermezzo
fairytale atmosphere
are all well captured

flexible motions
exquisite lyricism
derives from folktale
the expressive Oriental

evocative poetry
delicate beauty
which occurs
in the motifs

continuous texture
short rhythmic units
repeated, and varied
stirred up to paroxysm

hovers around
another pitches
highest tessitura
ecstatic ostinatos

menacing shadows
lush figurations
calms down
low register

pastoral suites
the Nymph dances
animated variations
the gigantic crescendo

the muted sounds
completely transfigured
symbolizes the grandeur
harmonized like a chorale

tremolo, agitato
plaintive themes
augmented second
heard simultaneously

leitmotivic episodes
exchanges nuances
the parallel fifths
superb voices

gently emotional
melancholy tunes
vigorous rhapsodies
denseness of preludes

the tone colors
contrast strongly
novel ways of etudes
tempo and characters

unpredictable arpeggio
haunting harmonies
wistful songs

Poem by Ahmad Shiddiqi


released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


François Svalis Olomouc, Czech Republic




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